Fuck yeah

I have just given my first SPEECH in Arabic! Tschakkaaaaaah!
Haha! Seriously! It was a very short speech, but it was undoubtedly a speech! 😉

Alors… I really couldn´t feel better right now, and here is why: 

I have just said goodbye to the men I spent my evenings with during the last week. They are all from Tunisia, educated, quite outspoken, friendly, warm (chaleureux) and are all much older than me, (which was great, I think) They meet each other every evening at around 6 to spend two hours of talking, sitting around drinking tea and coffee, of discussing politics, religion (they are all atheists, which is about the only thing they have in common) and probably much more of which I have not the slightest idea because at this point I don`t really understand Arabic! hahaha

Yet as good as it was with them (listening to them, exchanging a few words now and then, being taught Arabic by some of them), we just said goodbye, and it was very cordial and sincere. I first said a few words in French and then gave my little speech in Arabic (which I prepared in advance of course!) It was really not a big thing, just looking back on the time in Sousse and thanking them for inviting me into their circle et cetera. But nevertheless it feels great because the whole situation was so fulfilling: I mean consider this: I have JUST arrived in this country, barely 3 weeks have passed, and here I sat evening after evening with these friendly people taking part in their life (and , to be fair, only very slightly in their discussions). And I hope very much that I will truly do as I have said to them: That I will return to this place soon, once I have learnt enough Arabic to be able to really discuss things with them.

And now… back to Tunis, then back to Marseille, then up north! 

Mettez-vous en garde, Berlinois,

Here I come!  


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